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The Hawaii State Chapter of Children’s Justice Centers (Hawaii CJC) is a registered 501(c)(3) created in 2012 to serve the five Children’s Justice Centers (CJCs) and their five respective nonprofit “Friends” groups by uniting them across the state to strengthen the response to child abuse allegations, to benefit child abuse victims, and prevent child abuse from happening. Our mission remains the same today. We exist so that every child victim of violence or abuse in Hawaii has equal access to holistic resources and treatment, and every professional involved in their case is provided excellent support and training. We imagine a world where our keiki are free from harm, and our work flows from that vision.



Jill Natividad 

Chapter Program Assistant

Holly Walker

FCJC of Kauai

Board President

Anne Ezer

FCJC of Oahu

Board Member

Jasmine Mau-Mukai

CJCs Statewide

Board Vice President

Bethany Stetson
CJC of Oahu

Board Member

Terri Lynn Lum

CJC of East Hawaii

Board Treasurer

Karla Huerta-Balocan

CJC of Kauai

Board Member

David Okumura
CJC of West Hawaii

Board Secretary

Dale Ross

Kids Matter W. Hawaii

Board Member

Margaret Smith

FCJC of Kauai

Board Member

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